JYMENLING YANJINGYJ VR Headset,Reality Virtual Goggles, 3D VR Glasses,White All-in-one VR Games Headset, with Soft Comfortable W/Eye Protection (Color : White)

JYMENLING YANJINGYJ VR Headset,Reality Virtual Goggles, 3D VR Glasses,White All-in-one VR Games Headset, with Soft Comfortable W/Eye Protection (Color : White)

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Color: White


  • Multifunction: 3m 200-inch giant screen, 4K ultra-high-definition picture quality, support 2D/3D, 360 panoramic playback, wireless projection, support multiple devices, anti-blue light, eye protection, myopia friendly
  • Eyes Protecting High-Definition: Lenses With High-Precision And High Light-Transmission Ensure Clear Images And Effectively Dissipate Eye Fatigue And The Feel Of Vertigo. Pupil Settings For The Best 3d Experience, Even To Those Near-Sighted. With It, You Can Get An Incredible Visual Fidelity And Immersive Feeling
  • Adjustable Design: Used to adjust the interpupillary distance and object distance to be suitable for people with a variety of visual characteristics. This makes the image and video clearer and you can immerse yourself in the virtual world. Adjustable head strap allows you to easily attach it to almost any head size, meaning everyone in your family can wear it
  • 5 hours long battery life: It can also be used as a power bank, 8000MAH lithium electronic battery, long-lasting battery life allows AR time to accompany for a long time, and it can also be used as a power bank for mobile phone battery life at critical moments
  • Ergonomic Design: This Adjustable T-Shaped Strap Is Made Of Lightweight Material, Which Can Decrease The Pressure Around Your Eyes, Face And On Your Head, Providing You More Comfortable Feeling. This Flexible And Adjustable Headband Is Suitable For Different People. What’S More, The Nose Area Is Deepened, Reducing The Pressure On Your Nose. Removable Front Cover Helps Heat Dissipation And Keeps Cool While Enjoying The Virtual World

Details: Brand introduction: JYW was established in 2010, Operating daily necessities,introducing European design concepts, providing consumers with high-quality, high-value, and Trustworthy products Feature: No slippage when wearing with zero pressure: Wearing glasses, zero pressure on the face, no slipping off the head Portable and foldable: Put it in your pocket and go, AR smart glasses are very lightweight, only 185G, foldable into the exclusive storage bag, travel with friends, enjoy the audio-visual feast at any time Three viewing modes: massive resources are included in the bag, rich resources cover major mainstream video websites, support for online viewing, mobile phone screen/external U disk and other viewing methods to make viewing more exciting Specification: Product name: 3D AR Glass Field of view: 90° Body weight: 185G RAM: 2G Battery: 8000MAH lithium electronic battery Use time: about 5 hours Body size: 269x170x43mm Flash memory: 32G Resolution: Binocular 4K (2x1920x1080) Compatible devices: smartphone/tablet/desktop/laptop/switch/PS4/xbox Packing list: 1 x 3D VR glasses Prompt: When using this product to experience the game application (standing), please reserve a [3mX3m] safety zone, and pay attention to the virtual fence prompts during use to avoid bumping, falling, etc. It is recommended to be used in the company of family or friends. Other usage scenarios, such as watching movies and other obstacles 1 meter in front (can sit or lie down) Please use the product under normal lighting conditions, avoid too dark and high light (such as direct sunlight or do not turn on the lights at night / small area lighting), the indoor environment needs to have color texture, avoid large areas of pure color, and do not block the camera The product image may be inconsistent with the online image or packaging due to printing, display, light color difference and other

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