Portable Survival Water Purifier

Portable Survival Water Purifier

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Type: Water Filter
Brand Name: miniwell
Name : Camp Water Purifier
Size: 40*136mm
NW: 40g
Material: ABS , UF(medical grade), Silicone
Filtration Capacity: 2000L
Water flow: 0.6L/min
Firltration Pore Size: 0.1micron
Type: Outdoor Water Filter
Usable Range: camping,hiking,fishing and travel equipment
Speciality: high-volume long-lasting and portable

The Miniwell L630 employs 0.1 micron ultrafiltration (medical grade material) which effective against 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as the escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella typhi, cholera bacteria, and legionella.   Portable and easy to use - keep one in your car's bug out bag for emergencies - or just a leisure hike or camping trip!