Prep Store Elite Plus - Emergency Survival Pack - 4 Day Food Supply - Survival Kit - Bugout Bag - Hurricane Emergency Kit - Survival Bag - Bug Out Bag (Elite Plus KIT)

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Brand: Prep Store


  • WATER: We start with WATER because we all know by now that you can’t survive without water! That’s why we give you a 2 Gallon Water Container, Water Bottle Filtration System, Water Filter Straw, and a Micro Water Filter Pump that will clean 500+ Gallons of water.
  • FOOD & COOKING: Includes a 4 Day food supply with complete travel cooking set including: a pot, pan, spoon, bowls and more. We also equip you with a Firestarter, a hatchet and skinning knife and folding utensils so you can cook and enjoy a warm meal!
  • SHELTER: Having a private shelter in a disaster or emergency is more important than you think! It’s also great to have your own private living quarters on any hiking or camping trip! That’s why we give you a Camping Mat, Sleeping Bag, Tent, Poncho, and a large Mosquito Net!
  • SAFETY & FIRST AID: in any emergency from a Global pandemic, to a cut, sting, bite and more. We give you a 70+ Piece First Aid Kit, Dust Mask w/filter, Extractor Kit, Thermometer, Disposable Gloves, and a Disposable Safety Mask so that you can be prepared for any situation.
  • POWER & LIGHT in today’s tech life can be devastating for almost everyone. That’s why we equip you with a Folding Solar Charger, Power Bank Lantern, Solar Flashlight w/Radio, Solar Fan / Torch, and Cable Set. Also includes a great selection of Tactical and Utility Gear

Details: The Prep Store Emergency Pack is a High-capacity 65-liter Backpack made of ultra-light and durable nylon fabric. Prep Store offers the number 1 Survival Kit, Bugout Bag, Emergency Kit available in the USA. You will not find another Bug Out Bag or Go Bag with all this Outdoor Gear included anywhere. THE ELITE READY PACK: Our #1 GOAL was to create a single pack that could allow you to be Self-Reliant in any emergency or disaster situation or a weekend getaway or outdoor excursion. The Prep Store Emergency Pack is designed for both short and long-term Survival. We cover ALL the BASIC ELEMENTS of survival. With well over 40 individual items we cover WATER, FOOD, SHELTER, SAFETY & FIRST AID, POWER & LIGHT, TACTICAL, COMS, UTILITY, AND OUTDOOR GEAR! That’s why we’re sure you’re getting the best deal on Amazon if you purchase one of our packs.