Survival Work/Home First Aid Kit

Survival Work/Home First Aid Kit

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Details: Accidents in the home and workplace are a common event. We've designed our largest SURVIVAL kit to give you piece of mind. This kit contains all the essential items to respond to an emergency. From a small cut to a burn, heart attack, major wound, snake bite or fracture. Gone are the days of opening up the plastic box first aid kit and not knowing where the item you need for the emergency is. Our home/workplace first aid kit is specially designed to ensure you get quick access to the first aid component you need. Our kit also teaches you about first aid as each component is labelled and tells you what it should be used for. This kit will exceed your expectations and may well save you or one of your loved one's lives one day. Act now and don't regret not being prepared. Buying from Survival ensures you are getting quality. We know there are cheap first aid kit bags out there with 300 items in them. These bags are cheap, will not last and will not save you during an emergency. There may be many components in these cheap kits, however look closely at their quality and purpose as quality counts over quantity. Your life is worth purchasing this kit. NOTE: There is no antiseptic liquid/satchels included with this kit. This pocket is empty (as per the photo) and is why we have reduced the price of our kit to represent this item which is not included. Cheers from Australia and The Survival Team.

Package Dimensions: 11.4 x 8.1 x 5.2 inches