Taser X26P Yellow

Taser X26P Yellow

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Brand: Taser X26P

Color: Yellow


  • TASER X26P Police-Grade Shooting uses electrical impulses similar to your bodies to disable attackers
  • Potential effects include falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, freezing in place, vertigo, ect.
  • Included Performance Power Magazine (PPM) has enough power for up to 500 five-second discharges
  • Ergonomic handle is ambidextrous and designed to comfortably fit most hands
  • When fired, cartridges deploy 20–30 small confetti-like Anti-Felon ID tags

Details: WHAT IS INCLUDED:one (1) TASER X26P unit - One (1) TASER M26C/X26 Probe Reload Air Cartridges - Performance Power Magazine (PPM) Battery Pack - Practice Target - Instruction Manual The TASER X26P is a law enforcement-grade self-defense weapon that fires electrical probes up to 15 feet away. The probes, once they successfully hit a target, emit shocks that are similar to a body's natural electrical impulses. What this does, is it interrupts these impulses to cause a multitude of effects, including falling to the ground, involuntary muscle contractions, freezing in place, vertigo, ect.. Additionally, this TASER does not rely on pain as a deterrent since some individuals, such as drug addicts or drunks, might have a high pain threshold. When fired, the cartridges don’t only release two probes, they also eject 20-30 confetti-like Anti-felon ID tags for marking criminals. After a cartridge has been used the X26P has two metal electrodes on the front that work as a 50,000-volt contact stun gun if the probes miss. The unit is easy to handle because it is ambidextrous, with a safety switch on each side, and it also has a built-in LASER sight and an LED flashlight. These lights be used in five varying modes, which can be chosen by using the selector switch on top and the Central Information Display (CID) on the back of the unit. The CID also displays battery power levels, major & critical fault indicators, invalid battery, USB connection, spark duration and more. Lastly, the device is powered by a Performance Power Magazine lithium energy cell, which provides up to 500 five-second electrical discharges.