Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack (38) Essential Items Needed in a Disaster

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Brand: Wise


  • 38 Entrees for meals
  • 6 pouches of water
  • first aide

Details: The Wise Food 5-day Survival Backpack comes pre-loaded with the items you need to get through an emergency. Simply take up the backpack and you are ready to go. It contains enough essentials for one person to survive for 5 days while he or she awaits rescue or for conditions to return to normal. There are 38 entrees for meals, a portable stove for cooking and heating and six pouches of water. There is also a squeeze flashlight to serve as a light source and a survival whistle to alert others to your location. A first aid and hygiene kit allows you to treat injuries and keep yourself healthy while a Mylar blanket provides warmth and comfort. This 5-day backpack also contains a poncho to keep off the rain and a deck of playing cards to pass the time.